Monday, May 26, 2008


I don't know how to relax. Actually, I just don't enjoy complete relaxation, or at least the way most people like to relax. I don't like to sleep late, eat a bowl of cereal for lunch and call it done, and idle away the hours.

I like to relax by DOING, having the luxury of time to focus on backlogged house chores, cooking elaborate meals, knitting something complicated, reading a book from start to finish without stopping, moving around the furniture to give rooms a new vitality, and walk miles and miles. This long holiday weekend has been frustrating in the relaxation department thanks to an ill-timed cold.

The Knitternall Clan did manage some spontaneous relaxation last night. We rented National Treasure: Book of Secrets and I prepared a buffet of appetizers for supper from whatever was in the pantry and fridge. (Way cheaper than eating out - we had chicken tenders with three dipping sauces, carrots and celery with homemade bleu cheese dip, peanuts in the shell, a thin crust California Pizza Kitchen barbecue chicken pizza cut into small squares, and homemade chocolate-oatmeal cookies. Way yum.)

All four of us totally got into the movie and, despite the usual kibbitzing from T (illogic and lack of reality bug him), enjoyed ourselves completely. It's so rare to relax together since the four of us have four very different definitions of "fun."

As soon as the movie ended, A went back to his cave for private gaming time, T wandered back to his office for bill-paying and poking around his favorite business and technical sites on the internet, AG grabbed a book, and I headed upstairs, having depleted my cold-inhibited reserves.

This morning is shining bright, and I'm getting ready to cut the grass. The cold isn't gone, but there's something so satisfying about getting grimy and sweaty, then heading to the pool. AG and I have a date at Wynterhall Swim & Tennis Club, and the weather is perfect for some time by the pool.

And, to make it really relaxing, I'll take along a new book and the blasted Vogue Sideways Cardigan pattern I've been procrastinating with. I WILL get past the pattern confusion today.

Back to the Nature Center tomorrow. The Summer Camp program begins with the arrival of 30+ darling little ones!

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